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Excerpts from the Foreword

"The author of this volume is chiefly interested in seeking answers to biblical questions by going through a responsible exegetical process.

Burke lays out in detail the method of interpretation he has employed in handling all the critical passages on the position and work of women—from Gen. 1-3 to 1 Tim. 2:12. His approach includes an awareness and management of one’s biases and assumptions when coming to a text.

This book is a welcome effort to advance responsible biblical thought on a sensitive, potentially divisive, but unavoidable question about the ministry of Christian women in the local church, especially in its assemblies and educational work.

This book is not a product of one who sits in an ivy-covered tower, largely out of touch with the life of a local church. He has served as a shepherd/elder in two congregations. He holds a high view of the church, is passionate about its unity and ministry, and is prudent about introducing any kind of substantive changes without appropriately processing with the congregation the grounds of such a change.

This is a stimulating volume that beckons a reading by those who have not done all the thinking they intend to do on the subject. It has the promise of new insight on several of the classical texts on women."


—C. Philip Slate, retired professor, author, and former Dean of Harding School of Theology